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Android devices

How to use the editor on Android devices.

See Android dev on how to use Android tools and emulator.

Bluetooth keyboard

Pairing: Turn on bluetooth, and turn on the bluetooth keyboard. Locate and click on the pairing button on the bluetooth keyboard. On the Android phone/tablet go to bluetooth settings (settings > connections > Bluetooth) and click on the name for the bluetooth keyboard.
The pairing method might differ between different keyboards, but most likely you will get a screen that tells you to enter a code on the bluetooth keyboard. Enter the code, then press enter on the bluetooth keyboard.

Selecting keyboard layout on your Android device: Settings > General management > Language and input > Physical keyboard (if you can not see your keyboard, make sure it's paired, then press tab on the bluetooth keyboard) Click on the name for the bluetooth keyboard, then select your language. For example if the keyboard has an American/English keyboard layout, pick English (US), or if it has a Swedish layout (with åäö letters) then pick Swedish.
Then click on the name below the name of the bluetooth keyboard, if you have a Samsung mobile/tablet, it will most likely say "Samsung keyboard", click on it and select the correct keyboard layout there too!
You most likely also have to change the Android language to the same language as your keyboard layout!

Enable physical keyboard in the editor: In the top menu, click Editor > Keyboard/input > Physical keyboard

Keys not working: Sometimes you need to first touch the user interface in order for Android to send key presses to the editor. Simply click/touch anywhere in the menu, or on another file tab.