If you run into troubles, got a suggestion, or issue, please e-mail editor@webtigerteam.com

Run the editor locally

How to download and run the editor as a "native" app on your computer.

1. Install Node.JS

If it's not on your system already - you need to download and install the (LTS) Node.js package for your operating system.

2. npm install -g webide.se

Open a terminal or the command-line and type: npm install -g webide.se

How to start

Open a terminal or command-line and type: webide [path/to/file]

(check the README.txt for more info)

Add to launcher or create desktop link

Double click on "create_shortcut.vbs". located in the webide folder.

  1. Make linux_launcher.desktop and linux_start.sh executable
  2. Double click on linux_launcher.desktop,
  3. Right click on the WebIDE icon on the Launcher,
  4. Click "Lock to Launcher"