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Edit files remotely via FTP(S) or SSH (SFTP)

  1. Click FTP/SFTP in the right-click menu.
  2. Click the Edit button
  3. Change protocol, hostname, username, password.
  4. Click Save button
  5. Click Connect button

You should now be connected to the FTP server. And your working directory should have changed to the remote directory.


Secure Shell (SSH) is a common protocol for connecting to a remote shell. Most SSH servers also support SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

To connect to a SSH/SFTP server you probably need a SSH key. Your SSH key is most likely located in ~/.ssh/id_rsa
In the FTP/SFTP server widget, click Edit button and fill in the path your your SSH key.

If the SSH server doesn't accept your key, you need to put your public SSH key into ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
You can copy your public SSH key into the clipboard by pushing the "Copy public key" button.

Note the difference between public and private key, the private key is secret, and when asked - you should only give out your public key, most likely located in ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub