If you run into troubles, got a suggestion, or issue, please e-mail editor@webtigerteam.com

Privacy policy

This is the privacy policy for webide.se

Personal information

No personal information is collected, except IP address (see logging below).


The webide.se server(s) log all server requests. The log files are stored for ca one week before being deleted.

User statistics

Basic user statistics will be collected, like how many times the file explorer widget has been shown.

File storage

Files on webide.se are stored on server hdd.
Server(s) are located in Europe.

Sharing & third party

webide.se do not share any of your data. No third party will have access to your files or IP. Not even for statistics or analytics.

Only the server system administrator will be able to access your data.

Cookie policy

The editor use cookies and window.localStorage to store currently opened files, etc, so the editor can reopen opened files in the next session.

Editor login details are currently saved in locaStorage to enable auto-login, so make sure you delete all browser history, including data, if you login to the server using a public computer.