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Editor query string options

You can can change some editor settings using the query string.
Example usage: https://webide.se/?embed=true&disable=menu,file_tabs will disable the menu and file tabs.

disable Disable menu,file_tabs. Example disable=menu disables the right click context menu.
editPage Open the static site generetor source code for the URL. Example: editPage=https://zäta.com/en/about.htm will open the source for about.htm
embed Example embed=true disables plugin's that doesn't want to run when embedded.
fork Forks a single file or web site, and open the source file(s) in the editor. Example: fork=https://zäta.com/en/about.htm.
Useful for sharing code snippets.
nat_code Secret code/name used to connect to a server that is behind a firewall NAT/router
repo,clone Asks to clone a Git or Mercurial repository. Example: clone=https://github.com/Z3TA/jsql.git
skiplogin Don't show the login dialog. Example skiplogin=true
start Example: start=terminal starts the terminal
theme Explicityly set the theme. Example theme=light or theme=dark
user,pw Auto-login using the specified username and password. Example user=demo&pw=demo. Specifying user=guest&pw=guest will automatically create a new guest account!